Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home

What an amazing feeling to have a place to call home.

Home can be different things to different people.  Regardless of the actual "address", home means feeling safe, secure, and accepted as you are.  A scrapping friend of mine just closed on her first house with her fiance and is finally feeling those comforts.  In the midst of planning a wedding, finding and buying a house seemed quite luminous to her and I'm certain she's breathing a huge sigh of relief.  But even more important than that----she has a place to start building the family and memories she's wanted her whole life.

I wanted to send her a card of congratulations to make her reflect even more on her cozy new home.  I chose to create my project with the foresight of the Cricut Circle challenge specifying a window theme.

Cricut Cartridges Used:
Cindy Loo:  Bird
French Manor:  Window
Jubilee:  Bush

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Sexy Little Number

Welcome to the delightful world of KennyK!  If you're looking for the sexiest digital stamps out there, you have to check this site out.  I purchased the digital stamp on this card because a close friend of mine is getting married in less than a month.  I wanted to make a special card for her bridal shower.  Granted------an image this sexy should have waited for the bachelorette, but I just couldn't help myself.  I colored my naughty bride with colors that match that of my girlfriend's wedding and matched her hair and eyes to the bride as well.  It was such a fun card that I decided to throw it up in my online store (click on the link at the top right to shop).  What better way to congratulate someone on their upcoming wedding than to have a handmade card that is customized to their wedding!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Rainbows In Life

These days it's easy to get caught up in the "rain and clouds" of life.  Every day we each try to fit 40 hours worth of stuff into our 24 hour day.  Needless to say, the leftover 16 hours just get tacked onto tomorrow.....and so on......and so forth......  I don't know about you, but this easily comprises 90% of the stress in my life!  But one thing I've noticed is that if you take time in life to really see what makes up your world----you'll always find a rainbow behind those clouds.  Many times these rainbows are cute phrases uttered from the mouth of a three year old child or the thoughtfulness of a friend that knows you too well.  Other times these rainbows show themselves as a delicious piping hot bowl of chili on a cool autumn (yes I said autum people!) day.  One of my rainbows in life is a wonderful friend/mother/wife/scrapbooker/general organizer of life that I don't get to see nearly as often as I'd like.  This woman (you know who you are) seems to have everything all figured out and has a solid grip on juggling all of life's responsibilities.  But every once in a while she shares with me that it's not ever as easy as it looks.  Though I feel that she just says this to make me feel better----it's nice hearing that it's not always sunshine!  So I created this card to send to a "rainbow" in my life.

We may not get to see rainbows very often in life, but I sure do appreciate its beauty when I do see one!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Invite Design #2

Good morning all!  I wanted to do a quick post showing another invite I did up for someone.  They were looking for a wedding invite for a fall wedding with browns and creams.  I created one mock up for them and hit it out of the park!  Wahoo!!!!!




I'd also like to share some feedback I received from the red invites I did a couple of weeks ago.  I am very proud of the work I do----and am so happy that others enjoy it!
This was one of the response cards that the bride received back.  She was sweet enough to share a pic with me.  Apparently she received quite a few back that had comments about the beautiful invites.  (blushing).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Personalized Wedding Invitations

I've had a passion for papercrafting for many years now.  And it just dawned on me in the last couple of weeks that I should be sharing this passion with other people who want to have awesome wedding invites but no time to create them.  Sooooo.....I've posted my first auction on Ebay for custom wedding invites.  This all came about because last couple of weeks I finished doing 100 invites for a girlfriend of mine that is getting married.  She received SOOOO many compliments on the invites and it really got me to think about doing this for others.

So feel free to spread the word!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arrrrghhhh Matey! Pirate Edwin Sending Out Love

Nearly all of my family lives in Illinois while I am in Minnesota.  Granted a 6 hour drive isn't too terribly bad, but we don't find ourselves making it more than once or twice a year.  Between those visits I like to send my loved ones cards and care packages to let them know they're in my thoughts.  In the past week I've been working on putting together a card using Edwin and some berries found in the floral department.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm a big fan of all things pirate.  Actually my DH and I went as pirates for Halloween a couple of years ago.  Perhaps in a past life I searched for treasure and had an unhealthy obsession with buckles.  Ha!
Hope you are all enjoying a nice long weekend as I am!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why Did The Chicken And Cow Cross The Road?

...because they were both egg-cited to go to the mooooooovies.

Ok, that may have been a tacky joke, but there's nothing tacky about this cute card.  I colored it up with my Copics a few weeks ago and excited to throw it up on my blog today.  This was actually one of my first attempts at doing more with my Copic markers than just coloring like I did in grade school.  It's amazing how a little practice can take you such a long way.  I haven't been using these markers for very long, but I already feel like I've jumped leaps and bounds ahead of where I started.

Thanks for looking everyone---and have an AWESOME day!