Monday, March 21, 2011

Saddle Up for Some Pics in the Lone Star State

Just got back to Minnesota from the beautiful state of Texas.  And let me just say that the weather is quite a drastic difference.  The first annual Stampede was a huge success and I cannot give enough credit to Angela and Tammy for putting on quite a show.  While I enjoyed heading out to the Utah Swarm, this event was a three day extravaganza of fun!  Here are a few of the pics taken on my trip.

At the luncheon on Friday

Melissa Todd

Left to Right: Jan Schmeckpeper, Melissa Todd, Crystal Wessley, Me (Crystal Kovach)
At the Cowboy Dinner Saturday night

Melissa Todd

Left to Right: Matt (Tammy's son), Robyn Cardon (aka Pink Stamper), Karlee Wilson (whom we newly named Purple Stamper), Crystal Wessley

Melissa Todd and Elizabeth Currie-Matsko from 217 Creations

Janna B (aka Queen B) Busting a Move

Me (Crystal Kovach) and Crystal Wessley

Jan Schmeckpeper, Tammy (aka Creative Critter), and Matt (Tammy's Son)

Melissa Todd, Elizabeth Currie-Matsko, and Jenny Kozar

Robyn and Karlee
From the Photo Booth at the Dinner
From Pink Stampers Live Ustream

Monique Griffith (my new favorite designer) Monique Griffith Designs along with Robyn and Karlee
 Our Final Day of Scrapping

Back Row Left to Right: Crystal Wessley, Jill Cooper, Cassandra Cauble, Jan Schmeckpeper
Front Row Left to Right: Melissa, Crystal Kovach, Melissa Todd

Melissa and Jill


  1. Great photos Crystal!! Thanks for coming to Texas! Can't wait to do it again!


  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing....:)

  3. Those are some fabulous pics there! It was great meeting you at the Stampede!!!

  4. OMG.. I missed all of you... I so wish I got to meet you!

  5. Thank you for sharing these! I need copies of everything! Do you do snapfish or any other photo service

  6. I need these too!!!!! THX for posting!

  7. Great pictures, wish I could have gone, maybe next year. Definitely! P.S. New to your blog.

  8. Your photos are fantastic Crystal! Now why didn't I squish into your suitcase to join the fun?! Welcome back to the snow :(